The Lonely Ones: Curated by Katelyn Eichwald

1 February - 15 March 2021

The lonely ones, the broken-hearted, the estranged, the ones whose mothers loved them wrong, the ones whose fathers loved them weak, the ones whose sisters and brothers died young, whose husbands and wives are out with their lovers, whose neighbors keep the curtains closed, whose dogs are in pain, whose cats have slipped out the door and not returned, whose days stretch out like dry tongues, whose fingers and toes are numb, whose boots are full of mud, who have not had someone else’s hands in their hair in many years, whose contacts are torn in their little plastic pools, whose texts are left unread, whose children have moved to California and New York, whose light bulbs have shattered in their lamps, whose teachers do not remember them, whose doctors do not believe them.