(b.1993) in Shenyang, China

Lives and works in New York City


There is a sly politics to Sally J. Han’s paintings. As 'A Painter of Modern Life', she seduces the eye and the mind with her pictorial narratives…careful to embed details that hint at her identity as a Korean and Chinese American.  Twentieth century American art has not always told stories that reflect Asian American realities. Han’s work beguiles us with quiet yet powerful scenes of her lived experience. A game of Mahjong while savoring a cigarette. A studious girl pouring over her homework. A piano lesson. Smartphones are the only clue that these scenes are unfolding in the present tense. Her techniques hark back to the century’s old alchemy of painterly expression, while creating scenes of everyday life that are simultaneously very contemporary and yet utterly timeless. - Alison Gingeras


Jingmei "Sally" Han was born in China and raised in South Korea, she then moved to New York where she received a BFA from the School of Visual Arts (2016) with a Silas H. Rhodes Scholarship. In 2019 she received an MFA with an emphasis on drawing at the New York Academy of Art. Her first solo exhibition in New York was at Fortnight Institute in January 2020; in September 2021, she had a solo presentation with Fortnight Institute at the Independent Art Fair. She has participated in selected group exhibitions at the FLAG Art Foundation, 303 Gallery, and Jeffrey Deitch Gallery, NY. Upcoming exhibitions for 2022 include Wonder Women at Jeffrey Deitch Gallery, Los Angeles, Pictus Porrectus: Reconsidering the Full-Length Portrait, curated by Alison M. Gingeras and Dodie Kazanjian, Art & Newport Foundation, Newport, Rhode Island, Taxonomies of Imagination curated by Andrew Sendor at Make Room, Los Angeles, and The Power to Dream at Hussenot Gallery in Paris.



2019: Master of Fine Arts, New York Academy of Art, New York, NY 

2016: Bachelor of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY


SOLO Exhibitions

2022: Forthcoming: Lost and Found, Fortnight Institute, NYC (October)

2021: Solo Presentation at Independent Art Fair, NYC 

2020: Foreplay at Fortnight Institute, NYC 



2022: Forthcoming: The Power to Dream, Hussenot Gallery, Paris (November)
Forthcoming: Dark Light, Realism in the Age of Post truth, Aishti Foundation, Lebanon (October)

2022: Wonder Women, Jeffrey Deitch Gallery, Los Angeles

2022:Taxonomies of Imagination, Curated by Andrew Sendor, Make Room, LA 

2022: Pictus Porrectus: Reconsidering the Full Length Portraitcurated by Alison M. Gingeras and Dodie Kazanjian, Art & Newport Foundation, Newport, Rhode Island 

2022: Wonder Women, Jeffrey Deitch Gallery, NYC

2021: Nine Lives, Fortnight Institute, New York, NY

2021: and I will wear you in my heart of heart, the FLAG Art Foundation, New York, NY

2021: The Lonely Ones, curated by Katelyn Eichwald, Fortnight Institute, NY

2021: Hunters in the Snow, curated by Fortnight Institute, 303 Gallery, NY

2019: Spaced Out , Two-person exhibition with Henry Chang, YUI Gallery, curated by Qiaoyi Shi, NYC

2019: Take Home A Nude 2019,  Sotheby's, Manhattan, New York

2019: New York Academy of Art Alumni: Summer Exhibition Online Exhibition, curated by Mariano Cinat, Organized by SHIM Art Network

2019: MFA Thesis Exhibition, Wilkinson Gallery, NY, NY

2019: Tribeca Ball 2019, New York Academy of Art, NY, NY

2018: New York Academy Annual Summer Exhibition, curated by Brent Beamon, Nicole Berry Matthew Flowers, Alice Gray Stites, Ambre Kelly and Richard Vine, Flowers Gallery, New York, NY

2018: Fun House, curated by Danijela Purssey and Istvan Banyai, Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY



2019: Gamblin Paint Award
2019: Patricia & Scott Moger Research Grant
2019: Nomination to the Chubb Fellowship Award

Installation shots