(b. 1971) in Long Island, NY

Lives and works in New York City


Stacy Leigh, a self-taught artist, builds up her acrylic and oil paintings over time and finishes them with a glaze in the tradition of Old Master paintings. The color palette in these works contributes to their unique energy. Leigh uses background colors to create undulating waves of tones. Their values gradiate as they pulse farther from the subject, recalling aura photographs. Jewel-like blues and deep maroons create a ghostly and mysterious tenor, and help to create an atmosphere of nowhere. She delicately renders the slightest details with tenderness: networked veins run below the translucent skin; the imprint of a bikini tan-line suggest a sunburn and constellations of freckles sprinkled with care. Each painting suggests a story with no certainty, offering only clues and narrative speculation. Are these figures sexual avatars, or tense young women? These works sit in the uncanny valley of representation, eliciting, at once, empathy and mystery, desirability and emptiness.


Born 1971 in New York, NY

Lives and works in New York City



2017: Nerves, Fortnight Institute, New York, NY

2015: More Human Than Human, Castor Gallery, NY



2021: Hunters in the Snow, curated by Fortnight Institute at 303 Gallery, New York, NY

2021: PAPA RAGAZZE!, Nicodim Gallery, LA 

2020: 12 Artists, Harper's, New York, NY

2020: Sexual Personae, curated by Alison M. Gingeras, Hotel Drouot, Outsider Art Fair, Paris, FR

2020: 36 Paintings, Haper's Books, East Hampton, NY

2019: Drawn Together Again, The Flag Art Foundation, New York, NY

2018: Angst and Contempt: New Paintings, Pen & Brush, New York, NY

2017: Face Time, Galerie Manque, Brooklyn, NY

2016: Finally, Castor Gallery, New York, NY

2012: First Look, Bernarducci Meisel, New York, NY


Interview, Office Magazine, 2017

Nerves, artist's book published by Fortnight Institute, 2017

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Stacy Leigh's 'Nerves' At Fortnight Institute | Filthy Dreams, Jessica Caroline, May 2017