Summer Reading Press Release

SUMMER READING | June 23 - August 11, 2016

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 23, 6-8pm

Every summer, newspapers and magazines publish their lists of summer reading. Full of light "beach reads,” the editor's selections are designed for easy reading and relaxation. Fortnight Institute’s exhibition “Summer Reading” considers how the artist book achieves the near-opposite end as the beach read: more often than not, artist books are indecipherable and illegible objects, full of unfamiliar kinds of language.  Their refusal to be read in any conventional sense comes in many forms: images as words, imploded or reductive sequencing, shapes and colors in the place of narrative, plot, character. No matter their form, artist's books redefine what literacy can look like and flirt with the illegible. This is the seat of their potential: contained by the form of a book, they are not created for vacations.

Chris Oh
Andrew Pope
Justin James Reed
Aïda Ruilova
Ed Ruscha
Curtis Tawlst Santiago
Leah Singer
Betty Tompkins
Martha Tuttle
Ann Weathersby
Carmen Winant
Ofer Wolberger

Rita Ackermann
Jon Beacham
Jessica Diamond
Chris Habib
Kalen Hollomon
Moses Hoskins
Elizabeth Jaeger
Bp Laval
Maia Ruth Lee
Rachel Libeskind
Marilyn Minter
Sondra Meszaros
Jordan Nassar