Chioma Ebinama: TIPOTA

29 April - 12 June 2022


Chioma Ebinama 


Things I know for sure (In no particular order):


  1. I am sowing what plot that I have while dreaming of a future without enclosures.
  2. Surrounded by alien language I have been suffering what I call a period of wordlessness, as if my tongue, the sound of my voice in my mind, have been left somewhere in the Atlantic. I am reshaping myself in a new, foreign context. 
  3. I am often fatigued by the world of ideas, that phallic white planet, that leads me to forget that I am the natural form of emptiness 1. 
  4. I am continually grieving my whiteful ways 2. 
  5. In the whiteful world, I am either subhuman or superhuman. If I can’t be human I reject both and align myself with other beings. 
  6. It gives me peace to know no matter what I do or make I remain a speck in the sands of geological time.
  7. Drawing is a self-conscious journey. I surrender to my intuition. 
  8. Though I may lose myself in the forest of fear, I always return to the sea of love.
  9. Belonging is to be understood and to understand others.
  10. Now is all that’s left.


1  Anderson, Laurie, et al. “Natural Form of Emptiness.”Songs from the Bardo, 2019. 

2  Clifton, Lucille. “Apology (to the Panthers).”How to Carry Water: Selected Poems of Lucille Clifton, BOA EDITIONS, LIMITED, S.l., 2021. 

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