Carmen Winant


April 16 - May 13, 2016

"Attend a meeting of any sort, pledge total commitment to a cause, especially if you are the cause. Now allow yourself to be touched by other people, in both formal and informal settings (holding hands, hugging or sex, physical therapy, slow dancing, grappling and grazing). Allow others, men, to take command of your pelvis, eye sockets, the crown of your head, the valley just under the ribs in the middle-seam of your torso, the two soft tissue spots just beneath your kneecaps, your skin. Surrender your neck in the name of healing, inviting strangulation in and allowing yourself to be tenderized in new and different ways. Can you imagine your own burial? These things are group healing: talk therapy, organized and impromptu protests, giving birth, blood transfusions. Afterwards, clean up and go your own way."



BP Laval


May 15, 2016